About Us

In a special place between dreams and reality lies Wavegarden Scotland. With world class surfing waves at it’s heart, and surrounded by acres of lush country park, we’ll light the flame of adventure in all who stop by, regardless of age, ability or demographic. Wellness and inclusivity underpin everything we’ve planned for, from the sporting to the cultural, from the food to the retail, and from our accommodation to our ancillary activities. A destination like no other, we offer the Scottish people and our international friends unprecedented access to the worlds greatest lifestyle sport, in a location that will amaze and inspire. Whether popping in for coffee, experiencing surfing for the first time, or basing yourselves with us for the holiday of a lifetime, Wavegarden Scotland look forward to seeing you, your family and your friends in 2020.

The story so far…

Wavegarden is the World leading innovator of commercially viable inland surf lagoons. No other proclaimed supplier has delivered a financially sustainable facility. Wavegarden have delivered two; Surf Snowdonia and Nland Surf Park. They also have many other projects coming online in the near future including URBNSURF, Australia.

Wavegarden Scotland are an independent development partner of the company Wavegarden.

The Wavegarden Scotland Team

Andy Hadden – Managing Director

Andy is a local surfer and businessman, and it’s his vision that has spearheaded the Wavegarden project since 2012. A Chartered Surveyor, Andy worked in Birmingham specialising in Insolvency, and then Edinburgh specialising in Investment. Andy recently raised equity to start a co-working and self-storage business in his home town of North Berwick called the Lighthouse, which is now operating successfully. Having started both Wavegarden and Lighthouse businesses from scratch, Andy’s pro-active, relationship-based and future-facing approach is key to his success, but it’s the potential for improving the nations physical and mental health through surfing that keeps him inspired.

For a more informal journey on Wavegarden progress follow Andy on Instagram.

Scott Brewster – Financial Director

Scott has been partnering Andy on the Wavegarden project since 2014. Scott’s long-time vision to create a world class country park and leisure attraction on his land fits perfectly with the Wavegarden concept. Scott is a successful businessman in his own right, and brings years of accounting experience, alongside a wealth of knowledge that comes from running family businesses that vary from recycling, to self-storage, to stockcars. Scott has shown unwavering commitment to the project over the years and alongside Andy has given up much of his free time to carry out the years of diligence a project on this scale requires.

Project members

Surf development partner: Wavegarden
Architects: Oberlanders
Landscape Architects and Masterplanners: Harrison Stevens
Planning Consultants: Colliers International
Destination Consulting: Colliers International
Cost Consulting: Torridon
Economic Impact Assessment: MKA Economics
PR Consultancy: Perceptive Communicators
CGI Visuals: Render Studio
Civil Engineers and Construction: Etive
Mechanic and Electrical Engineers: Atelier 10
Corporate Finance: Chiene & Tait 
Legal: Davidson Chalmers Stewart
Accommodation: Armadilla
Marketing and Advertising: Vipond Philip