Europe’s first public Wavegarden Cove will be in Bristol!

A new inland surfing destination called “The Wave” in Bristol, England will be the site of Europe’s first Wavegarden Cove open to the public. Construction work commenced in April 2018 and, if all goes according to plan, the complex will open its doors to the public in Autumn 2019.

The surf park will use Wavegarden’s new Cove technology that can generate up to 1000 quality waves per hour, ranging from 50cm to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height. There are many different types of waves for everyone to surf – from professionals through to newcomers picking up a surfboard for the very first time. Overcrowding won’t be a problem as the Cove has the potential to host up to 80 surfers at the same time spread out throughout 6 different surfing zones.

The Wave’s Founder, Nick Hounsfield, is genuinely excited about the future.“We are now on site preparing the construction. We looked at a number of different wave-making suppliers to provide us with what we needed: a high frequency of ocean-like waves and a commercially viable business plan. It was clear that the Wavegarden Cove met these requirements and so much more.”

“We are pleased to finalize our partnership with The Wave and build a Wavegarden Cove in Bristol”, explained Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden’s Founder and CEO. “We know the UK has a strong appetite for surfing and we’re confident The Wave Bristol is going to be a great destination for surfing”.

Young English pro surfers Harry De Roth, Luke Dillon and Lucy Campbell recently surfed Wavegarden’s Cove demo model at their R&D center in northern Spain. Following the session De Roth from St Ives, Cornwall expressed his excitement about a full-scale version coming to Bristol. “It’s exactly what we need, consistent waves like everywhere else in Europe. It’s going to help our whole country a lot.”

The development of The Wave Bristol project represents a special milestone for Wavegarden, as it will be the first full-size public Cove facility in Europe and the second in the world after Melbourne, Australia.