Frequently Asked Questions

Is this application different to the last planning update/application?

Tartan Leisure held a public consultation on Wednesday 8th May 2019 which detailed all the plans, including accommodation units. All this information shared last year is included in this recent planning application, alongside the planning permission previously granted for the leisure facility and the principle of the accommodation. The detail from this public consultation was also shared online and nothing has materially changed with these plans.

2.     Has the planned accommodation increased since the public consultation?

No, the number of units for all the planned accommodation on site has remained the same – the 2017 consented masterplan had 91 units and the current masterplan also has 91 units.

This is broken down as follows:

2017 consented masterplan 2019 current masterplan
Camping pods 60 41
Accessible pods 8
Bothy 7
Canal barge 4
Lodges 31 31
TOTAL 91 91


3.     Will Tartan Leisure hold events and festivals at the development?

There will be an inclusive and well-planned events programme, including events entirely focused on and inclusive of the local community.  Please be assured that all these events will be in keeping with the size of the facility, local considerations and being mindful of residents. We will continue to communicate with all residents on future events and plans and any large events will be fully compliant with appropriate permissions/licensing in place.

4.     The Wavegarden Scotland development is going to attract large groups who will make noise and treat the venue as a holiday destination. What is being done to detract this?

In all the planning applications submitted by Tartan Leisure we have been clear that we will not tolerate any noise or disturbance made by individuals or large groups. There will be a 24/7 security team in place on site, a direct phone line to report any disturbances for residents impacted and we will act upon any incidents reported immediately. The Wavegarden Scotland development will be a family-friendly destination and we will respect all our neighbours.

5.     Some of the lodges are close to residential areas, what else will you be doing to impact noise and disturbance?

We will be using landform and evergreen planting and acoustic fencing adjacent to certain lodges to reduce noise even further than the stated actions in the previous answer.

6.     What impact is all of this going to have on traffic in the village?

Reducing the impact of traffic has always been at the forefront of our planning applications and this hasn’t changed. Signage will be in place to direct visitors away from Ratho and to access the Wavegarden Scotland development via Newbridge. We will continue to work closely with Transport Scotland, the City of Edinburgh Council and the Ratho Community Council.

7.     How will you continue to communicate with Cala residents?

During the consultation in May 2019, an invitation was extended to  residents of the Cala Estate and members of the community to be represented at a regular forum to plan and oversee the above commitments.  We continue to honour that commitment as and when a formal committee is convened and a formal, constituted Residents Association will be established accordingly.

The following download link gives 5 pages extracted from the Design and Access Statement (DAS) as submitted with the planning application.  The information portrayed is a select extraction to illustrate the FAQs, while the full document offers detailed facts about the application, the process and justifications for the proposals.  This includes details of the Habitat Capital Protocol, the first of its kind for a private developer in Scotland, documenting the depth of work done by the project team to enhance and evidence the improvement to the biodiversity, economy and wellbeing offered by the current proposals.

Download further information and images of site masterplan here

Full document is available for download and review here.

Wavegarden Scotland update for Cala Residents from Wavegarden Scotland on Vimeo.