Wavegarden Scotland Accomodation gets planning approval

Tartan Leisure Ltd, developers of Wavegarden Scotland, received planning permission on the 12th August from the City of Edinburgh Council to build accommodation at the development. The permission includes the HUB complex which will provide food, retail, changing and leisure facilities, together with overnight accommodation. Last year, Tartan Leisure Ltd received planning permission to redevelop […]

Owen & Jack Rack Up Some Barrels in the Wavegarden Cove

On a lay-day back in October, while in Europe to compete, Aussie pro surfers Owen Wright and Jack Freestone traded waves in a charged but fun session at the Wavegarden Cove Demo Centre in Spain. It was the first time the boys had had the chance to surf the new “Cove”

Night Surfing Party in the Wavegarden Cove 

Europe in the middle of a red hot summer… the sun, the surf, those endless nights! The only trouble is, trying to find a wave just for yourself and a few friends can be tricky, and impossible after the sun has gone down.

Wavegarden Scotland supports the world’s first PhD in ‘Surf Therapy’

Wavegarden Scotland is thrilled to be partnering with Jamie Marshall who will undertake the World’s First PhD in ‘Surf Therapy’. Jamie, a surfer from East Lothian will seek to understand the theory adopted by a range of global organisations using surfing to combat challenges associated with mental health, disability, poverty and adverse environments.

Mayhem Surf Team shred the Wavegarden Cove

Ever since we started making waves in the Wavegarden Cove in 2016, many surfers have dropped by our R&D center in northern Spain to test out the waves and give us their feedback. One of our favourite sessions happened back in October 2017

Europe’s first public Wavegarden Cove will be in Bristol!

A new inland surfing destination called “The Wave” in Bristol, England will be the site of Europe’s first Wavegarden Cove open to the public. Construction work commenced in April 2018 and, if all goes according to plan, the complex will open its doors to the public in Autumn 2019.