Night Surfing Party in the Wavegarden Cove 

Europe in the middle of a red hot summer… the sun, the surf, those endless nights! The only trouble is, trying to find a wave just for yourself and a few friends can be tricky, and impossible after the sun has gone down. And then, après surf, a cool drink would be nice too… but the line at the beachside bar is even longer than in the water.

As part of Wavegarden’s night lighting test this past summer, European surf stars Joan Duru, Leo Fioravanti, Justin Becret, Vincent Duvignac and their friends Maud Le Car, Kauli Vaast, Pacha Light and a couple of groms broke away from the crowds and headed to Wavegarden’s demo centre deep in the heart of the Basque countryside in northern Spain. Guests from the local surf community enjoyed a barbecue and danced to DJ Mario Azurza, who was spinning some funky tunes, while the heavily talented crew put on a show under lights, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘Party Wave!’.