Owen & Jack Rack Up Some Barrels in the Wavegarden Cove

On a lay-day back in October, while in Europe to compete, Aussie pro surfers Owen Wright and Jack Freestone traded waves in a charged but fun session at the Wavegarden Cove Demo Centre in Spain. It was the first time the boys had had the chance to surf the new “Cove” and, after racking up plenty of barrels and turns, they were pretty much convinced of the technology´s potential.

The two friends alternated catching waves, watching each other from the channel striking the lip and riding the tube as deep as possible. Owen took the opportunity to put 3 new DHD’s through their paces on the variety of different waves on offer. The action, interestingly, intensified wave after wave, almost transforming into an unofficial heat. Both guys surfed flawlessly. Owen’s backhand attack was mechanical. Jack, who was recovering from Parko’s retirement party the previous night, was content just to cruise in the barrel.

Kita Alexander, Owen’s partner, who is well known for her talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, also happens to be a stylish longboarder and was happy to trade places with Jack to ride a few mellow ones and spent some quality time in the water with her man.

This was Owen’s second visit to Wavegarden. Back in 2011, at the ripe age of 21, he surfed the original prototype with Mick Fanning and Gabriel Medina. At that stage, the system used a wavefoil to create a small, short left-hander that broke every 3-5 minutes. As Owen witnessed, a lot has changed since then. The new generation technology can now pump out up to 1000 waves per hour of various shapes and sizes to correspond with the ability level of surfers.

For those people who like to analysis details, check out the list of stats from their session at the end of the clip. For other Australians and those travelling to Australia next year, there’s good news on the horizon. Urbnsurf is bringing a Wavegarden to Melbourne, which will open their doors in 2019, so everyone who has been dreaming to surf the Wavegarden Cove will be able to do so. Further, Urbnsurf Melbourne will have a full-size Cove, which will be approximately 5 times larger than the demo model in Spain, with rights, lefts, and dedicated areas for all levels.