Wavegarden Scotland is a project developed by Tartan Leisure Limited, a private Scottish enterprise, which owns the rights in Scotland to Wavegarden’s grounding breaking wave generating technology.

Our objective is to develop, construct and manage the first inland surfing lagoon in Edinburgh.The site for the Wavegarden Cove facility is Craigpark Quarry near Ratho, sharing entrance with the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. The property is held freeheld by Tartan Leisure Ltd.

Wavegarden Scotland will open to the public in 2022. The facility will occupy an area of 48,500m2, and will have a user capacity of up to 100 surfers per hour. The amenities will include, among other things, a surf school, surf shop, and cafe/restaurant as well as an extensive and bespoke mixture of locally sourced accommodation, bothys, pods and lodges. There will be a number of ancillary, land-based activities for all the family to enjoy. The primary activity of Wavegarden Scotland is sport and leisure based and will organise surf events and corporate functions. Wavegarden Scotland will create an array different career positions, employing up to 129 staff.

The technology developed by Wavegarden is designed and adapted for surfers of all levels, both beginners and experienced. In a fully controlled environment, strong currents or without rocks, the Wavegarden Cove provides the ideal environment for learning to surf as well as performance coaching. It is also an installation designed for the practice of surfing for people with disabilities.

Wavegarden Scotland is committed to managing and enhancing the natural and ecological integrity of Craigpark Quarry.

Download the full Wavegarden information pack from our 2019 public consultation here.